10 of Jamie Dornan Before He Became Christian Grey

10 of Jamie Dornan Before He Became Christian Grey

Before Jamie Dornan became Christian Grey, he spent time oiled up and getting intimate with gorgeous actresses. Not much has changed, and yet everything has changed.

Pre–Fifty Shades of Grey Jamie was a bit more baby faced, but it was clear he was destined for great things. Don’t believe us?

Take a look at these pictures we found of Jamie before he became Christian and was just a fresh-faced young actor trying to make it in Hollywood — there is star power there for sure!

Jamie Dornan has been acting for over ten years, though it doesn’t seem possible. And long before Jamie became the face of Fifty Shades, he was busy taking smaller roles.

We can take a look back at his romance with Keira Knightley and then his sweet courtship with his now-wife Amelia Warner.

His modeling days inspire thoughts we have about him as Christian Grey. Oh, Jamie Dornan … he really knows how to make us swoon.

And he always has, since he was a young twentysomething hanging on to Keira’s arm. 

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