Analyzing Epstein's 'Black Book': Models, Celebrities, Billionaires, Politicians and the Police

This is the extended version of my investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Little Black Book’ in Part One I looked at Epstein’s ‘Black Book’ and connected it with the many ‘massage’ contacts that Epstein kept in the book and their locations throughout the United States, Great Britain and his private island known as Pedo Island or Little St. James in the US Virgin Islands and in this video I look at some of the more ‘known’ celebrities, millionaires, billionaires and politicians who Epstein had kept as contacts in his personal ‘Black Book’. It is rather eye-opening to see some of the names that Epstein had kept in his Black Book and to think that some of these world leaders in politics and commerce were involved with the creepy Jeffrey Epstein is rather unsettling. No wonder they terminated his contract with the New World Order and retired him off.

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