Backstage of Fergie's photoshoot for Elle Magazine May 2010

On curbing her appetite: Im not going to lie: There are times I play mind tricks on myself, like that the french fries are poison. With desserts, Ill let myself have just one bite, but Ill look like a freak when Im eating it, like when I did Duncan Hines commercials as a kid, just savoring every morsel.

On criticism from gossipmongers: It has hurt me in the past when people say things like how fugly I am or how horrible I look. Ive had to learn not to give it such a high priority in life. Look, when youre trying to juggle all of this in your life, sometimes youre not going to look perfect. I dont have time to get a facial every couple of days.

On having high expectations: For my album, I wanted to arrive at the MTV Awards in a British buggy on hydraulics. It didnt quite work out that way, but, yes, I have all these big, huge dreams.

On her relationship style: Im a relationship girl, a romantic. When I was younger, I used to be the cheater. Im not talking about going all the way—I wasnt doing that in high school! But Id have boyfriends, and then spring break would come around and Id be a little bit naughty.

On marriage to Josh Duhamel: You grow a deeper love for each other, besides the initial lust and falling in love and all of that. You come to know each other a lot better, you grow together, and it makes you love each other that much deeper.


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