DIY Dolce And Gabbana Inspired Necklace Made With Pennies

Hello and welcome to LUX DIY. In today’s DIY Tutorial video we will be using pennies and some other jewelry components to make a cross necklace inspired by Dolce and Gabbana. D&G has made a lot of different styles of cross necklaces. I have included a few examples below for Inspiration purposes.
Dolce and Gabbana Cross Necklaces:

* 7 Pennies
* Popsicle Sticks
* Gold Spray Paint
* Flat Acrylic Gems
* Black Crystal Beads
* Gold Beads
* Jewelry Clasps
* Tiny Gold Beads for embellishing
* Black Rose Embellishments
* E6000 Glue
* End Pins
* Jump Rings
* Jewelry Pliers and Clippers
* Jewelry Round nose Pliers



#DolceandGabbana #DIY Necklace #Rosary


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