Harry Potter Dragon Chess Set by De Agostini- Dragons, Castle, Dragons Egg and Hermiones Time Turner

Harry Potter Chess Set – “The Dragon Chess” . From issue 47 onwards, a second series of chess pieces published weekly instalments by DeAgostini from 2007- 2008

Each instalment featured a magazine and one or more parts for the chess set or chess board
The chess board comes 4 glowing corner pieces such as Castles and Houses.

The Chess pieces consist of one Fire Breathing King, one Fire Breathing Queen, two Fiery-Eyed Bishop, two Growling Knights, two Rooks with Glowing Windows , and eight glowing Pawns.

The set also consist components to construct chess board, pouches and containers to carry the pieces, and ancillary items including score pad, `magic` wand, Hermione’s Time Turner and `floating` pen


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