Jean Patchett "ROMANTIC JEAN" 1948-49 1950s Iconic Vogue Model PART 1

The Patchett & Auer Family Present

Jean Patchett is one of the top 10 most famous Vogue Models of all time. Jean began her famous career in 1948 and by 1949 became the most sought after model for the next seven years. Jean Patchett was the Ford Modeling Agency’s first “Super Model”. Jean’s Doe Eyes and signature mole near her right eye made her stand out and start a new trend in fashion. Jean Patchett’s career ran from 1948 thru 1963 when she retired. On this video produced by the Patchett / Auer Family you will see a range of images from her first photos when Jean was just 21 and as she developed her iconic looks that made her a timeless “Super Model”. For more images and biographical information about Jean Patchett visit


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