Jewish Mysticism JEWISH BABYLONIAN TALMUD Baphomet

Baphomet, the god of Jewish Freemasonry

– “Thy heares (ears) as the flocks of goats”
– “Thy teeth as flocks of them that are shorne, which have come up from the lavatorie (sewer)”
– “thy speech sweet”
– “Thy neck is as the tower of David”
– “Thy two breasts as two fawns the twins of a roe, which feed among the lilies.”

Magic in the Talmud

“I see in the Gemara many things…which were permitted, from the realm of fortune-telling, incantations, and witchcraft…these are innumerable…as long as one’s intention is for the Heavens, and he knows that the true healer is G‑d…not like those whose intention is some guiding angel.”

(Responsa of the Rashba, 1:413,

by Rabbi Shlomo the son of Aderet [1235-1310] Barcelona)

“Neusner claims:

Were an anthropologist of our times to spend a few years in ancient Pumbedita,Sura, or Nahardea in order to learn the social role of the sage, his research work would certainly have a title like ‘The Legislating Sorcerer of Babylon’.”

(Harari, Yuval [1988], Ancient Jewish Magic,

doctoral dissertation, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, pg. 65)

One who wishes to research magic in the Talmud will find many passages which permit activities we would now call magic. Magic, in its limited definition, means the reign of forces — demons, angels, spirits, and stars — which lead, in a natural way, to the desired result if the details of the magic ceremony have been followed precisely.


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