JT Tran: The Asian Mans Guide To Meeting Beautiful Women And Dating

JT Tran on what Asian American and foreign Asian men need to do to meet the kind of women they want for dating and relationships. Want to get confident with women? Go to: https://www.conquerandwin.com/vancouver-dating-coach/


JT Tran on:

00:19 JT’s Story
04:20 Why Asian Americans Suffer from bullying
13:20 Foreign Asians Vs. Asian Americans with women
15:15 Body language, verbals, and direct Vs. indirect
20:00 The Asian poker Face: The reason for a lot of opener failures
22:48 Do white women like Asian men?
29:08 Limiting beliefs which Asian American men posses about dating
33:50 Mail order brides
34:40 Why are so many white guys with Asian girls?
39:00 Asian American women Vs. foreign Asian women
41:25 White guys and black guys Vs. Asians: The difference when learning to meet women
43:40 Resentment and repression growing up
44:50 Dealing with a resentful k pop troll: You need to do the work to get the results
48:32 The best way to start getting good with women, from scratch


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