Kazoo magazine: Girls Can Fly

In the year since we’ve been making Kazoo magazine, we’ve continually run into a problem while searching for images of surfers to pilots: The default image is always male. (Search for a “surfer,” and you’ll find a ton of guys shredding waves. So, then search for “girl surfer,” and you’ll find some women riding and many others posing with a surfboard … on dry land.) We ran into this problem again while trying to make a little puzzle about pilots in our next issue, The Steampunk issue, out September 1st. Did we let that stop us? No way! We made this quick video to show you how we found our way around it and are working to make a magazine that shows girls they can be anything. Watch it, share it, and remind your kids that #girlscanfly. Subscribe today: www.kazoomagazine.com


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