Life Quote | Motivation | Inspiration – Change the World – Vivienne Westwood

Life Quote | Motivation | Inspiration – Change the World – Vivienne Westwood.

Vivienne Westwood – success in fashion and life.
A fashion designer and creative innovator who championed “punk” and ”new wave” in the seventies. She challenged the conventions and created punk for mainstream contemporary fashion.

She continues today in her seventies not only still at the forefront of fashion design; but also as a passionate advocate for political causes from climate change to political and human rights.

An approach to life that has kept her at the forefront of innovation and change for over 40 years – Vivienne Westwood is not only an inspiration of a life ‘well lived’ but a role model for how to use art and creativity to challenge the world.

She is not only a role model for success in the fashion industry but also a role model for older people – especially the boomer generation – needing to redefine what life options are available after 50.

Life Quotes is a series of short motivational videos profiling “quotes about life” from thought leaders, creators and innovators.

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