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It’s WhateverWednesday and today’s topic is Cosplay, you might know what that means and if you don’t it’s Costume play – dressing up as a character from Manga, Anime, Games, Comics, etc. and presenting the costumes on Conventions or Cosplay Events.

The best known magazine about this sort of pop culture is the COSMODE, a Japanese magazine about Cosplay. The structure of every issue is almost the same, it starts with photoshots, followed by event pictures and concept arts and ends up with pattern for costumes and other props, explained via a step by step instruction, make-up tips or even advices to make better photoshots.

You can easily buy it in almost every book store in Japan – you can also get preowned ones in perfect shape in Book Off Stores (I recommend the one in Ikebukuro in Tokyo – many issues for a good price)

Importing them is also very easy, just ask your local Manga / Comic Book Store.

Just follow me on Youtube or my blog www.neko-lord.blogspot.com for further cosplay related stuff and comment, what you would like to see in later shows.


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