Nude Model in Coffee Shop-Thailand

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Coffee Shop Owner Facing Prison After Hired Model Was Caught Serving Customers Nude.
Everybody lives by selling some products, services or ideas and it’s all about satisfying customers needs. It’s very important to identify customers requirement and give them exactly what they want. On these lines, this coffee shop owner in Thailand tried to boost up his sales, as it had dropped drastically. Unfortunately, the coffee shop owner got charged after the model he had hired, got caught serving nude to the customers and now, he is gonna face five years in prison. Here are the top 10 Reasons. Let see.

Number 1) Coffee shop owner Prasong Sukkorn decided to promote his cafe, Coffee on the Day, using a nude model serving coffee.

Number 2) Just donning an apron 22-year-old model Arisa Suwannawong started serving coffee to customers.

Number 3) She began posing half nude while serving to boost up the business in the cafe. And the coffee shop owner got down to clicking and posting.

Number 4) Barely five hours after posting on Facebook, it gained over 3,500 comments, 21,000 reactions, and 8,800 shares.

Number 5) However, Sukkorn decided to delete the post after receiving harsh criticism from Thai Facebook users.

Number 6) The coffee shop owner insists that “There was no intention to be sexual or offensive. I posted the pictures online just as a way of marketing the business. I have apologized for this.”

Number 7) The model professed, that she did the nude photo shoot for free to help the owner, as his business was going through a loss.

Number 8) The model had no issues serving since she was on her way back from a photoshoot and was already wearing revealing clothes.

Number 9) The willing model nickname is “Jaenae with the Huge Boobs”

Number 10) She stands outside and tells passersby, that the coffees very delicious and they use lots of milk, glancing down at the breasts.


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