NY Knicks Players Bowl At Star-Studded Benefit

The 15th annual Knicks Bowl is a bowling affair with significant purpose that benefits The Garden of Dreams Foundation. This year’s function, took place in Manhattan at Bowlmore Lanes on the beautiful Chelsea Pier.

The non-profit charity event grants loyal supporters of the New York Knicks the opportunity to bowl alongside many of their favorite professional athletes including Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, and Tyson Chandler. It also featured celebrities such as actress Katie Holmes, model Damaris Lewis, the Knicks City Dancers, coaching staff, many partygoers and your favorite source for entertainment news us at Entertainment Scoop!

Within the first 14 years the Knick Bowl has raised over $2.5milion. The purpose is to positively impact the lives of over 250,000 children and their families who are affected by poverty, illness, and foster care. “It’s a great opportunity to give back to kids. A great opportunity to connect with Knicks fans in a different area than the arena.” Said Knicks Center Tyson Chandler.

For more information on how you can be apart of the excitement next year visit GardenofDreamsFoundation.org.

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