Pakistan Fashion Week London – Fashionista Fatima 2012 Review

Pakistan Fashion Week London 2012 — Fashionista Fatima
The High Lights & The Moment of Truth

“Fashion” is not limited to apparel & accessories but the way we dress, talk, technology we use, food we eat, friends & life style we have & a lot …more. British fashion industry contributes nearly £21bn to the UK economy but unfortunately its importance in our society is much underrated. Despite unfavourable circumstances Pakistan has made its mark on the global fashion stage creating millions of jobs & foreign exchange. Pakistan is the second largest exporter of textiles, which shows that given the opportunity this industry has the potential to grow & contribute to economy. Pakistan Fashion Week London is an extension of this dogma. There is no doubt it is Pakistan’s only liberal identity outside Pakistan and that too on such a big scale which can get even bigger if planned properly.

Pakistan fashion week London – 26-27 May 2012 was bigger than last year with more than 30 designers & 60 models participating. It attracted thousands of significant individuals from both White & Asian community including buyers across UK. The designers included some of Pakistan’s biggest names in fashion like, Deepak Parwani , Maria B, Ammar Belal, Maheen Khan, Rana Nauman and the most promising new talent “Batur”. The featured designers also had a designer boutique lounge which allowed attendees to interact with designers & purchase items.

Such events are a business platform more than anything else so we hope to see more & more international buyers from leading fashion houses & retail outlets across UK & Europe. These events help to “project Pakistan’s real & positive image to the world, educate, empower & encourage new designers, promote Pakistani Textile & Fashion Industry and create favorable business platform for our young entrepreneurs. Like all other events there is always room for improvement & the way team is working, I can only see it getting bigger & better.

Adnan Ansari, the Founder of Riwayat Ltd, with his team, Chris East, Sahiba Kaur, Huma Tahir wants to raise the profile of Pakistani fashion, music & literature. The first of these events was Pakistan Fashion Week London 2011 & Now PFWL 2012. Events like PFWL should be applauded, for they project a positive and progressive image of our country on an international platform.

Fashionista Fatima Covered the entire event exclusively for FF Blog & Pakistan Today’s Lounge Magazine so keep watching the space as we will be bringing Designer interviews, Hottest trends, Back stage gossip and a lot more.

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