Patek Philippe 5127

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These distinctively stylish ladies’ and men’s watches are impervious to short-lived fashion, recapturing the hearts of each new generation. Whether extra thin, with hobnail designs or broad polished bezels, they are all distinctive members of the Calatrava line and their varying faces cannot belie their origins. No other timepiece lends superior appearance to the true Patek Philippe style.

The Patek Philippe Calatrava is a line of dress watches built by the premier Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe, launched in 1932. These timepieces are considered the flagship brand of Patek Philippe.

One prominent example in the Calatrava line is the 3919 that was changed in recent times by the somewhat larger 5119 version. This difference in dimension displays the growing trend for larger watches. An alternative celebrated example is the reference 96, whose current incarnation is the significantly bigger 5196. Some Calatravas (for instance the present-day 5127) include a date option, whereas others (including the 5196) are “time-only” watches.

Most Calatrava styles offer automatic or manual movements, and several include quartz movements.

The Golden Ellipse, is a blend of both ancient and contemporary styles. With its divine proportions, the casing of the Golden Ellipse, established in 1968, has little doubt influenced one of the most wonderful chapters of horological history. Thanks to its distinctive balance of daring simplicity and recognized purity, this watch has develop into one of the flagships of the Patek Philippe collection and most absolutely one of its most instantly identifiable creations.

The oval shape is centered on the golden portion, a ratio discovered over two thousand years in the past. It has intrigued philosophers and designers alike and is spontaneously seen as visually agreeable and perfectly balanced.

Besides being known for the complicated movements of their collections of men’s timepieces, the Patek Philippe designs are remarkable, effortless yet elegant for women. Established in 1993, the collection of watches Gondolo Ladies’ by Patek Philippe expresses the brand’s interpretation with the spirit of Art Deco. In the period of time between 1902 and Jacques Lemans Watches 1930, Patek Philippe established a special watch collection for the Brazilian dealer named “Gondolo and Labouriau.” The name of the most recent collection of ladies’ watches from Patek Philippe Gondolo takes its identity from these origins.

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Patek Philippe 5127


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