President Trump versus Harvey Weinstein Epic Rape Battles of History

Epic Rape Battles of History that’s right I said rape
Harvey Weinstein vs Donald Trump – our president

Mr. president, it’s my belief
that you’re nothing more than the rapist in chief
20 sexual accusations have been brought
and your only defense is that they’re not that hot
Really? is that what you say
about six contestants from miss USA
and your buddy Jeffrey Epstein deserves electrocution
soliciting minors for prostitution
Trump Models Inc was supplying
underage girls at his orgy island

Never met Epstein — all fake news
the media is just — lying Jews
I’m incapable of rape — or sexual assault
women can’t say no to me it’s all their fault
because I’m the greatest– because I’m the best
the only word they know around me is yes

He’s right

but you fatty Weinstein — smell like a fart
the only way you score is by promising a part.
Rose McGowan, Gwyneth Paltrow,
Salma Hayek, Mira Sorvino
Beckinsale, Graham, Jolie, &Arquette
and a few hundred more that I probably forget

Ashley Judd and Daryl Hannah

you hold your meetings in the room of your hotel
with your bath robe open like show and tell

with your tiny little pecker and belly hanging out
and if they say no, you start to pout
so you offer ‘em a role, you promise them the lead
and you’ll wreck their career if they don’t agree

That’s the art of the deal, I learned it from you
promise women stuff and they let you screw
like your accuser Katie Johnson, who was just thirteen
and promised a career in modeling

That lawsuit was dropped, I’m off scott free
but you were you kicked out of your own company

At least my first wife didn’t accuse me of rape
and you grab em by the pussy, we have it on tape

You have more settlements than a west bank jew
You’re the real reason for #MeToo

You jizzed on a plant then pissed in a pot
You colluded with Russia and thought you wouldn’t get caught

Order in the court, everyone settle down
overseeing this battle, is Judge Joe Brown

this dispute is quite the bizarre
A movie mogul and a reality star

for a fair trial and given your careers
ive assembled a jury of your Hollywood peers

I’m Louis C.K. and I like to stroke my cock
I say they’re both innocent and we let them walk

I’m James Franco and I prey on teens
I support both of their no guilty pleas.

I’m Bill O’Reilly with a settlement for 32 mill
both men are innocent as far as I can tell

I’m Aziz Ansari and I’m a really bad date
I won’t offer you red wine only white and I’ll put my fingers in your throat and I’ll go down on you and why the fuck am I being associated with all these sexual predators. The chick came back to my apartment. She could have left whenever. I called her an Uber. Fuck the metoo fascist movement. Fuck it from behind while gazing in a mirror like I tried with that bitch. Why did I just not have a bottle of red fucking wine in my house? Fuuuuck

Who won?
Trump wins everything. Trump’s the better rapist.
He raped the state department,
he raped the G.O.P., he raped the Paris climate agreement, he’s raping NATO, he’s raping the WTO.
He’s raping America… Trump wins!!! America loses…


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