Speedpaint "Elayne the Witch" [PSD]

Hello, my art friends!
Watch me drawing a witch girl in greyscale and coloring it afterwards.

I´m finally back with more speedart videos from 2018-2019.
New recordings with more recent content are also in production.
From now on you can expect one new upload on Sundays, each week! ^_^

You´ve got any questions? Feel free to ask me! ❤


Previous video:

Time taken: ca. 3 h (+ lineart)
Used: Photoshop CC, Cintiq 13 HD

Character owner: www.deviantart.com/sunriseho


“Exiles” by Cruachan (Album: Folk-Lore)
(I don’t own this song, all rights belong to Cruachan and TrollZorn Records)

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