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Woman to Woman Talks with Elisa Velasquez are The Classy You Magazine Audio’s
“The Complete You” Are woman to woman talks with single women preparing for marriage and or married women as well.
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The Classy You Magazine! The New Women’s Edition A whole New Unique Approach to Great literal literature!
“Class” doesn’t come from what you wear, where you live and what you have, truly. True class comes from a beautiful character from within.
A gentlewoman is a woman of love and kindness and a peaceful spirit.
She is generous with her love and forgiveness, her time and sacrifices.

Thank you for joining our efforts to an etiquette life and the caring meaning of true class. Being content as a woman of royal elegance and graceful character is truly a treasure to invest and live in.
It is our sincerest honor to share our humble heart and express our love for the finest things in life, a woman’s character in the discovery of The Classy You!

The New Woman’s Magazine, by Women for Women! Where we live to encourage, inspire to grow your mind, your heart, and your spirit. Realizing the real you! As other Women’s Magazines focus on the outside, we balance the gap by focusing on the inside! We inspire growth spiritually, through the inspiration of God’s word, with love, wisdom and knowledge.

Happy Growing!
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