Weather: Lots of Clouds…Warm Afternoon 날씨:전국 구름 많음…따뜻한 봄날씨

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Let’s now get a check on the weather conditions in Korea and around the world with our Kelly Park standing by… Good Morning Kelly

Hello You-Son and Good Morning It looks like spring is definitely back in the air. This morning we’re starting out with temperatures slightly higher.

Patchy fog has also been reported around the west coast and the inland regions so watch out for some low visibilities out on the roads

We will become warmer this afternoon with a mix of sun and increasing clouds but the breezy conditions will make the air feel a bit cooler than yesterday.

Tomorrow we’ll wake up to a rather cooler morning but it will become mostly warm and sunny by the afternoon.

Remember that temperatures swing between our daily lows and high are quite drastic, so it’s important to you take care of your health during this time of the season.

And moving over to our Satellite Map,

Our nation will be at the ridge of the high pressure system which will usher in some warm dry air into the nation with lots of clouds.

And finally checking out on today’s reading.

Morning lows in Seoul start off at 4 and rises up to 12 in the afternoon.

Daegu jumps up to a high of 21 and Busan will stay mild at 18.

Other regions like Jeju Island will be cloudy.

Daejeon hits 16 and Mount Geumgang tops out at 10.

That’s all for Korea and Here’s the international weather for viewers around the world.

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